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Britta Lee

Saturday February 2, 2008

Dale, I find your work very inspiring and although I am not the creative type, I hope to work with you on some special custom projects in the future!! I adore the grottos you create, and found myself dreaming about having you use a photo of my daughter along with plenty of PINK vintage girly items. Your little Easter baskets are oh so cute too! I wish you much success. With creations like this, you will be famous in no time!! Britta Lee


Sunday January 20, 2008

Dale I love your website! I guess I couldn't get in last time I tried! I will check back often and of course, keep up with you on Flickr and Etsy. I have opened up a little shop on etsy but so far just lookers. I do have handful that are marking it as their favs so I am hoping that they will be 'checking in' to see what I might have new in the future. Cross your fingers for me! You're really such an inspiration. Keep up the awesome work. I am hoping to purchase those swirls!!! They are so cute. Have a great weekend. oxo cindi